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Preconception Counseling

The journey to a healthy baby can start long before birth, or even conception, with prioritizing your own health.  Getting your body into a place of optimal wellness will not only benefit you during pregnancy and beyond,  but also sets the stage for the health of your child throughout their life.


And preconception care is not just for women! 


I love it when I am able to see a couple together, particularly for preconception.  The burden and stress of working towards optimal health for becoming pregnant and setting up the foundations for a healthy baby should not fall solely to one person. I also believe that it is important to have at least a basic understanding of what the other person is going through to help encourage connection and empathy.  


Using a combination of lifestyle coaching, nutrition counseling, herbal medicine, supplement therapy, homeopathy, and bodywork we will come up with a treatment plan to address your goals. Concerns that I work with include but are not limited to


Fertility concerns 

Subfertility, infertility, IVF

Menstrual cycle difficulties

Anovulation, irregular menses, painful periods

Semen abnormalities 

Low motility, abnormal morphology

Hormone balancing

Thyroid support, PCOS

Mood support

Anxiety, depression, PMDD

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Urinary incontinence, pain with sex


Whether you have ongoing health issues or just want some guidance on how to prepare your body for pregnancy, any improvement in health can have a positive impact.

Ready to get started on your path to optimal wellness and create an opportunity for a healthier baby? 


Click here to book your free 15 minute discovery call.

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