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All are welcome here


At Dragonfly Integrative Medicine we envision a world where everyone feels heardnurtured, and empowered throughout their health and fertility journeys.


Our mission is to take a whole being approach to healing. To work with people to create a plan that optimizes their health, utilizing the tools that fit best in each unique situation.  We provide education and support so that people can feel confident they are taking care of their health as well as their future.



 We recognize that healing is not always easy and comes with a range of emotions and challenges. Compassion is integral to our interactions with patients


 We value knowledge and the ability for patients to make fully informed decisions about their health, their experiences and for their families. Knowledge is empowering.


 We understand that no two bodies are the same and each person’s experience, journey and choices will be unique to them . There is no one size fits all approach to healing.


 Listening to your intuition and choosing to invest in your health takes courage in a world where those things are often underemphasized.  We believe in treating everyone with respect and affirming their experiences and decisions.


Dragonfly Integrative Medicine?

Dragonflies are found all around the world and have many beautiful meanings across cultures. New beginnings. Happiness. Undergoing big life changes. Adaptation. Intuition. But most consistently they represent transformation. 
Embarking on a healing journey of any kind can lead to immense transformation.  Becoming a parent may be one of the biggest transformations in life. 

At Dragonfly Integrative Medicine we are here to walk with you and provide support as you experience your own metamorphosis. 

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