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Prenatal Support

You’re pregnant - Congratulations! You’ve been waiting for this moment and now it’s here.


Let’s do a check in.

How are you really feeling?


Your body changes daily during pregnancy to keep up with the demands of growing a baby, which can take its toll, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Finding and maintaining a support system and a way to take care of yourself during this time is so important.  It’s also a time when many standard therapies are not available as treatment due to the sensitive nature of your growing child. 


This is an area where naturopathic treatment options can shine.  My approach focuses on gentle yet effective tools to alleviate discomfort and improve your sense of well being. From therapeutic massage to ease painful muscles, to nutrition counseling to ensure adequate nutrients, to herbal medicine and homeopathy to address symptoms such as nausea and anxiety, there are many ways to manage your symptoms.


Whether it’s sore muscles or gestational diabetes, we will work together to reduce the burdens of pregnancy and create as much comfort for you as possible.

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